First look at “Nocturnal Animals”

Nocturnal Animals: First look at Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams in Tom Ford’s new thriller — Exclusive

From the office of his name brand headquarters in London, Ford smiles at the mention of Firth’s Oscar speech shout-out. “It was so sweet of him,” says the 54-year-old superstar designer, who became world famous two decades ago as the creative director of Gucci and Saint Laurent. “Colin is a very loyal, solid, terrific person and I was so spoiled to make my first film with him.”

Ford has been even more spoiled on his follow-up movie, the dark, wicked, double-narrative Nocturnal Animals, which stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal (seen here in these exclusive images) in the lead roles. Like Ford’s debut film, this one is also based on a novel, which Ford once again adapted into a screenplay himself.

The 1993 book Tony and Susan was written by a Cincinnati author named Austin Wright, who died in 2003 at the age of 80. It starts with such a tantalizing hook: A married woman named Susan receives in the mail a manuscript called Nocturnal Animals from her ex-husband, Edward, who she hasn’t spoken to in years. As she begins to read Edward’s book — a tense page-turner about a family under siege by hoodlums on the highway late at night — we read it right along with her. And we wonder, what does it all mean? Is the book an act of forgiveness? Or an act of revenge?

Ford was certainly intrigued, enough so that he optioned the book’s rights. “I think that what Edward has done,” he says, “is written this book and sent it to his ex-wife and through that, he’s saying, ‘This is what you did to me.’ But it took him 20 years to express himself to her. And what really spoke to me was the whole part about the choices we make in our life. And how long we sometimes wait to make them.”

In the story-within-the-story, we meet Tony (Gyllenhaal), his wife (Isla Fisher), and their daughter (Ellie Bamber) as they depart for vacation in their car and cross paths with three dangerous men (led by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) on the road.

Their plot is filmed with extreme faithfulness to the novel — but Ford’s boldest move was to make the world of Susan (Adams) so adventurously different than it was in the source material, where she is basically just sitting on a couch flipping pages in the book. In Nocturnal Animals, Susan is a complex art dealer living in Los Angeles, dealing with feelings of apathy and a growing isolation from her husband (Armie Hammer). She’s seen here in her sleek, modern-art-dappled home, as played by Adams.

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Amy to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Rock, Amy Adams, Chris Pratt, Mark Ruffalo & Ryan Reynolds Getting Stars On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

In a recent livestream, the committee for The Hollywood Walk of Fame announced their recipient line-up for 2017, and comic book fans will see several familiar names included in the honorees list.

Vin Di Bona, the 2016-2017 Committee Chair, spoke with the audience to break news on who would be receiving a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Divided into separate categories, over twenty recipients will be gifted a star for the organization’s Class of 2017. Stars like Amy Adams, Dwayne Johnson/The Rock, Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, and Mark Ruffalo will all be receiving a plaque.

Each of these actors have a stunning resume attached to their names, and they all have something else in common: comic book films. With studios like DC Entertainment and Marvel bringing in the major revenue with their adaptations, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have joined the movement to star as famous superheroes.

Most recently, Ryan Reynolds sent fans into fits of laughter with his portrayal of Deadpool in Fox’s solo film which scored high with audiences. Previously, Reynolds has starred in X-Men: Origins and the fairly disappointing Green Lantern film starring Blake Lively. Amy Adams, of course, has played Lois Lane in the recent Superman films, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Chris Pratt, while loved for his role on Parks & Rec, launched into global stardom with his leading role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. And, similarly, Mark Ruffalo exploded into public consciousness after he appeared in Marvel’s The Avengers as Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

As for Dwayne Johnson/The Rock, his film career has included several sci-fi films, and he will soon be taking on the role of Doc Savage. While some may be unfamiliar with the pulp fiction hero, comic book enthusiasts know Doc Savage as the character who inspired Superman. The Rock is also set to play the DC Comics character Black Adam in a Shazam movie.

Dates for the award ceremonies have not be released yet, but you can be sure that each of these stars are excited to finally get their own stars hung in Hollywood.


“Story of Your Life” Gets New Title, Release Date

The sci-fi drama also stars Jeremy Renner.

The upcoming sci-fi drama Story of Your Life, which is set to star Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, has gotten a new name and release date via Paramount.

The pic, now titled Arrival, has been slated for an awards-season release date of Nov. 11. On this date, the Denis Villeneuve-directed feature will be going up against Jeff Nichols’ Cannes standout Loving and the Naomi Watts-starring psychological thriller Shut In.

Arrival is based on a short story by Hugo Award-winning author Ted Chiang and is being adapted for the big screen by Final Destination 5 scribe Eric Heisserer.

In the film, Adams stars as a linguist who is recruited by the military to determine whether alien crafts that have landed around the world come in peace or are a threat.


“Nocturnal Animals” November Date in Awards Season

Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Stakes November Date In Awards Season

Tom Ford’s sophomore feature directorial Nocturnal Animals will be released by Focus Features in an exclusive engagement on Nov. 18. The film which is based on Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan focuses on an art gallery owner who is haunted by her ex-husband’s novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat and a symbolic revenge tale. Nocturnal Animals will widen on the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, before going wide on Dec. 9.

The pic stars Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Armie Hammer, Ellie Bamber and Laura Linney. Ford adapted the book to screen. During the Cannes Film Festival last year, Mike Fleming broke the news that Focus Features won the worldwide rights for Nocturnal Animals in a $20M deal, the largest of the fest. Focus would take domestic rights while Universal handled overseas. The deal calls for an eight figure P&A commitment.

Fashion designer Ford made his feature directorial debut with 2009’s A Single Man, which won the AFI award for movie of the year and the Queer Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


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